The 16th Pacific Polymer Conference
  • The 16th Pacific Polymer Conference

    8-12 Dec 2019

Welcome Message

The 16th Pacific Polymer Conference (PPC16) will be held at the Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre from 8 to 12 December 2019. Along with the Council of the Pacific Polymer Federation (PPF) and the PPC16 Organizing Committee, I warmly welcome you as the Garden City Singapore hosts this biennial international event for the first time in PPC’s history.

About the Pacific Polymer Federation

Created in 1987 by groups of like-minded individuals spanning USA, Australia and Japan, the Pacific Polymer Federation (PPF) is an active regional organization with the primary focus of driving and synergizing efforts in polymer research and innovation. The founding members, Jim O’Donnell and David Hill, RACI, Takeo Saegusa and Akihiro Abe, SPSJ, and Otto Vogl and Joe Salamone, POLY came together with a common ideology and became the founding members of the first PPF council.

With the Pacific region as its stage, the overarching objectives of the PPF are two-fold – (1) Facilitate synergistic interaction between polymer organizations, (2) Encourage exchange of scientific knowledge through participation in national polymer meetings and multilateral visits by polymer scientists.

To date, the PPF counts numerous scientific societies across 16 different countries bordering the Pacific Rim as its proud members. Since its inception, the PPF has grown rapidly into a renowned organization which provides multiple enabling platforms and opportunities to fulfil the ambitions of its members, as well as bridge international polymer research organizations for value addition.

Description of the Pacific Polymer Conference

One of the most important event in the PPF calendar, the Pacific Polymer Conference (PPC) is an international milestone event held bi-annually. True to the intentions of the PPF, the conference has proven to be a highly effective international platform for a host of polymer scientists from the Pacific basin countries to cross-pollinate research ideas and discuss emerging ‘hot’ topics and trends in polymer science.

The PPC is an empowering tool for aspiring polymer scientists and professionals to network and explore collaborative opportunities. Beyond the posited academic success, the PPC also presents an excellent opportunity for the host countries to showcase many beautiful sights and sounds of their stunning cities and countries.

The inaugural PPC was held in Maui (Hawaii), USA in 1989. Since then, the conference has been organized every 2 years by various Pacific Rim countries. The following is a list of the host countries and the venues of the various editions of the PPC.

  • PPC-1 Maui, USA (1989)
  • PPC-2 Otsu, Japan (1991)
  • PPC-3 Gold Coast, Australia (1993)
  • PPC-4 Kauai, USA (1995)
  • PPC-5 Kyongju, Korea (1997)
  • PPC-6 Guangzhou, China (1999)
  • PPC-7 Oaxaca, Mexico (2001)
  • PPC-8 Bangkok, Thailand (2003)
  • PPC-9 Maui, USA (2005)
  • PPC-10 Kobe, Japan (2007)
  • PPC-11 Cairns, Australia (2009)
  • PPC-12 Jeju, Korea (2011)
  • PPC-13 Kaohsiung, Taiwan (2013)
  • PPC-14 Kauai, USA (2015)
  • PPC-15 Xiamen, China (2017)
  • PPC-16 Singapore (2019)

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